Pork Belly (GF) $13

grilled pork belly, hangi kumara puree, kumara crisps with heirloom cherry tomatoes.

Scallops (GF) $15

grilled scallops, minted pea puree, pan-fried chorizo, and paprika pickled orange

Roasted Baby Carrots (DF) (VG) $12

peanut satay sauce, crispy chickpeas, pomegranate molasses, black garlic

Cold Smoked Salmon Ceviche (DF) $15

coconut cream, roast corn salsa, chioggia salad seasoned with lemon pepper and coriander herb oil.


Roast Pork (GF) $25

twice cooked pork belly with crackling, country slaw, honey mustard roast vegetables, caramelised apple sauce

Salmon (GF) $33

crispy grilled salmon, ancient grains, broccolini, choron sauce, and balsamic cherry tomatoes

Ribeye Steak (GF) $31

250g ribeye steak cooked to your liking, served with chips and salad with your choice of either:

garlic butter, mushroom sauce, creamy pepper sauce

Duck Confit (GF) $33

duck confit leg, roast vegetables, garlic butter beans orange and plum glaze

Fish & Chips (DF) $31

tempura battered fish served with fries, fresh garden salad, homemade tartar sauce, and a wedge of lemon.

***Ask our waiter for the fish of the day****

Chickpea Curry (V) $20

south indian chickpea coconut curry served with basmati rice, pappadum, crispy onions, and condiments: coconut chutney, salsa.


–All Served with Fries Onion Rings and Country Slaw and a Sourdough Bun–

Beef Burger $17

beef patty, swiss cheese, maple bacon strips, pickled gherkins, bbq secret sauce

Chicken Burger $17

Crumbed chicken tenders, Swiss cheese, pickled gherkins, mustard pineapple mayo, maple bacon

Vegetarian Burger (V) $17

Black bean patty, Boston beans, caramelised onion, pomegranate molasses


Chicken Caesar Salad $20

cos lettuce, sourdough croutons, caesar dressing, shaved parmesan, bacon, fried egg

Moroccan Beef Salad (GF) $21

grilled Moroccan beef strips, fresh salad, roasted vegetables, roast pumpkin seeds, aioli


Baked Lemon & Lime Cheesecake (GF) $10

Served with lemon curd

TNC Sundae $8

with your choice of chocolate, strawberry, or caramel flavours

Sorbet $6

ask our waiter for the flavour of the day

$3.50 each Tea; $3.50

Ristretto – Short Black                                                                             English Breakfast

Expresso Forte – Cappuccino, Latte                                                    Earl Grey

Lungo Origin Guatemala –Long Black                                              Lemon

Espresso Decaffeinato -Decaffeinated                                                Zesty lemon

Hot Chocolate                                                                                        Spicy berry


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