Junior Beef Burger $10 (DF)

beef patty, coleslaw, bbq secret sauce

Junior Chicken Burger $10 (DF)

crumbed chicken, coleslaw, pineapple aioli

Chicken Nuggets $8 (DF)

served with fries

Mini Catch $10 (DF)

tempura battered fish of the day with salad, fries

**ask our waiter for the fish of the day**

Mini Hotdogs $8

Served with fries

Chicken Ciabatta Pizza $10

Refried beans, crumbed chicken, ciabatta bread, cheddar cheese sauce with fries.

Cheesy Dog Casserole $10 (GF)

Hot dogs & roast vegetables, in a bean stew, topped with a cheddar cheese sauce.


Marshmallow Sundae $6 (GF)

With your choice of chocolate, caramel or strawberry toppings.